Home-page-graphicPeace filled greetings to you! You are welcome here.

I hope that here and through the words that move through me you will find reflected to you the beauty and light within yourself.

The Rules of Creation is my new book. It is a journey that I have walked myself, and continue to walk, and I invite you to join me on that journey. It is a joy for me to welcome you and to share this book with you. Below you will find a short summary of the book as well as a pdf of the first Rule – You Are a Creator – which is available for free. It is offered for you to read through to see if it speaks to your heart. If you are familiar with the book already, you are welcome to go straight to the Library page to order your copy or a copy for someone you love.

No matter what brought you here, I’m glad you’ve arrived. Please have a look around and see what calls to you. I also have two collections of poetry that are available through Peace Evolutions from the Library page. There are descriptions of each collection on the About page. I see all of my writing as part of my spiritual journey and my poetry is one way for me to share that sometimes glorious, sometimes challenging, but always awe inspiring journey.

My blog, Conversations With My Soul, is also linked above. It is a place where I share my thoughts, my observations, poetry, stories, my practices of peace and whatever else I feel inspired to share!

I hope you will explore a little! I welcome your thoughts and sharing from your heart. You can contact me here.

Thank you for visiting! Enjoy!



The Rules of Creation

Home-page-graphic-2The simplest way to describe The Rules of Creation is to share the introductory paragraph from the book, “The purpose of this book is divine. It is meant to help each heart it touches to begin each day with a smile and with joy, knowing that you are creating each moment from the Divine within yourself. Each day begun that way in one heart, touches another heart and another until all hearts are living their divinity, and so we are all living heaven on earth. (I say all this knowing that Spirit may yet have another more grand and glorious purpose for this book in addition to this that I have not yet even begun to imagine!)”

The Rules of Creation is a handbook for living life from the pure essence of divinity from which we each sprang. The Rules not only share wisdom, but encourage each of us to explore the depths of our own innate wisdom as well. It offers eight simple rules to live by, which help us not only remember our own divinity, but to live from there with joy and certainty.

I hope you will open your heart to The Rules of Creation and that it will help you further explore the beauty and divinity within yourself.

Happy Creating! ~ Lynda